5. Magic touch!

Dog Obedience Barking at Fence


This is used to stop a dog from obsessing over an object, such as another dog, squirrel, a fly, a person, growing grass etc…When nervous or aggressive dogs come across their target they normally stand extremely still with their ears up, and will stare unblinking at the object. The dog won’t give attention to anything else, even food. From there, the dog can explode with a burst of energy and lunge at the target. This is not a technique to be used too often and mostly works just in short term. You want to stop your dog from lashing out as soon as possible and redirect him onto something else. Usually you can redirect a dog’s attention by making a light but firm bite motion using your fingers on your dogs flank. (The section of flesh on the body between the last rib and the hip side) After a few times dogs normally get used to the touch and start ignoring it. So save it for the perfect time! Keep in mind – don’t hit — ever! Not only is it unfair as a correction, it can actually backfire on you, sometimes with tragic results. Dogs don’t hit each other, so they don’t understand what getting hit is supposed to mean. They just know it’s a physical threat and may eventually respond with their own physical violence in what they see as self-defense.