6. Spray bottle

Dog Obedience Spray Bottle

Sometimes it is really hard to get a dog to snap out of its mind set. Imagine an overly excited dog is riding in the back seat of your car, constantly barking and whining at anything it sees. This can be dangerous and hazardous to not only you and your pet, but to the people around you. Barks can be very loud and when you get caught up in the frustrations of the loud noises, your distracted and don’t have as much control over your concentration on the road which could lead into an accident. No matter how much you try to calm it, the dog is in its zone and it’s going to take a heck of a lot more than a stern voice, or a treat, or a tug of a leash to snap the dog out of it. A spray bottle can work miracles in these types of situations. It is quick and straight to the point. When the dog is barking – SPRAY! Right in its face followed by a stern “NO bark!”. This is not only insulting, but this quickly draws the dogs brain to something else. If the dog barks or whines again, repeat until he gets the point.  If you’re in the car while trying this technique, make sure your car is stopped.  Safety comes first!