Top 10 Dog Obedience TrainingTips

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend but it’s hard to believe when your furry companion misbehaves. It’s quite embarrassing to have your dog not listen to you, and even more embarrassing when it’s out of control. Owners feel helpless to correct certain behaviors.  Sure our dogs know how to sit, stay, down, come and many other tricks, but what happens when there are distractions? Most of the time our dogs listen very well when we (The owner) have a tasty treat in hand, in the comfort of our own home. What happens when you’re out for a public walk, or out in a dog-friendly event? These dogs are usually purchased to become “Family” but they have now become an obstacle. Nothing is more overwhelming than lacking control in your dog. In dog obedience no matter which technique is used, the key to successful correction are consistency and supervision, but most importantly TIMING!

10. Time out!

Dog Obedience Time Out

Much like disciplining a child when breaking a rule. The parent confines the child to a certain spot in the house where he or she is cut off from the things they like to do, and have time to reflect on their actions. Dogs live in the moment so of course they will not reflect on their actions if you stick them in a room. Dog owners usually do this when the dog displays inappropriate behaviour, the owner firmly says “No!” or “Bad!” and then puts the dog in a room or other safe place. The owner ignores the dog for 10 to 30 seconds. If the dog barks or scratches at the door, it is important to not let it out until the dog is in a calm state. Once the dog is calm, open that door and watch the dog continue about his day as if nothing happened. Repetition is always key. The pup will not like being left alone and the unwanted behavior will end.