Akita Inu’s are the largest among the Japanese type breed.  This breed is a solid, powerful, strong and muscular dog. The Akita Inu is docile, intelligent, courageous and fearless sometimes they are even spontaneous. This breed is full of character and needs a firm – confident pack leader. This is what makes the Akita such a good guard dog. This breed has had so many uses, such as police and military, government and civilian guard dog, a fighting dog, a hunter of bear and deer and a sled dog. The Akita Inu is a versatile hunting dog that is able to hunt in different weather conditions. They were also a sacred breed used for good luck in Japan. Small statues of Akita Inu’s were given to the parents of a new born baby as a gesture of good health. For the sick, a statue was given for a speedy recovery.

 8. Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Belgian Shepherd Malinois best guard dogs